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Third Edition of the "Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum"

  On the 13th and 14th of September 2014 in Hall Podpromie took place another, Third Edition of the "Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum" which was organized by the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland and co-organize with the Association for the Development and Promotion of Podkarpackie "Pro Carpathia" in the framework of the project "Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Bridge" which is co-financed by Switzerland under the Swiss...

The Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum 2013

Last year's forum was held under the banner "ALPS - CARPATHIANS. Mountain energy". The widely definied "enegy" helped show different views of the Carpathians and the Alps, thanks to that companies, organizations and institutions representing industry alternative energy, IT, innovative technologies, and also tourism, regiopnal products, organic and traditional were presented in August. We have also hosted institutions from business...

The Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum 2012

During the 2012 edition of the Forum, which took place on 15-16 September, we hosted exhibitors from Poland and other European countries, such as Ukraine, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Switzerland and Italy. Among them there were innovative enterprises, and regional, traditional, and ecological product manufactures, including the laureates of the Agro Polska competition and distributors of Swiss cheese and wine. Also...




September (2014) May (2014)

Third Edition of the "Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum"

News | 2014.09.18


On the 13th and 14th of September 2014 in Hall Podpromie took place another, Third Edition of the "Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum" which was organized by the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland and co-organize with the Association for the Development and Promotion of Podkarpackie "Pro Carpathia" in the framework of the project "Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Bridge" which is co-financed by Switzerland under the Swiss program of cooperation with the new European Union member states.


The third edition of the international fair and conference event was aimed at promoting Carpathians economic and raise discussions on the development of the region, based on the experience and success of the highly developed European mountain countries. It is the largest fair and conference project in Central and Eastern Europe, which promoting the Carpathian area, its unique values, socio-economic potential and international cooperation with other European regions, especially alpine.

This year's "Alps-Carpathian Cooperation Forum" took the form of a national exhibition of the Carpathian and Alpine countries and regions, and was focused on the promotion of idea of international partnerships. The motto of the fair was "Carpathians - between mysticism and intelligent development" and was devoted to the inauguration of the Carpathian Brand "CARPATHIA" - an innovative territorial Carpathians brand created by the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland together with the Institute of Tourism in Sierre. "Carpathia" is going to be a new and strong impulse to the development of the Carpathian economy and tourism based on rich cultural heritage and unique natural area of the Carpathian Mountains. It is the idea of combining institutions, the environment and the inhabitants of the Carpathian Euroregion in creating the common social - economic area.

This year as part of exhibition and fair of Forum, have been presented the most active Carpathian public sector and non-governmental entities and enterprises concentrated within Carpathia Brand, as well as entities from the countries and regions of the Carpathian and Alps, declaring willingness to take comprehensive measures for development of the Carpathian Euroregion on the basis of regional and European partnerships. We hosted business environment institutions, local governments, cultural institutions. The variety of stands added great color to the fair, making every visitor and participant in the Forum were able to find a thing of its interest. Tourist offers was presented by the city such as: Dębica, Sambir, Lviv, Snina, Swidnik and by the spa town - as Rymanów, Horyniec or Iwonicz. Among the exhibitors were butchers from Jasiołka and Markowa, bakeries, manufacturers and distributors of wine, drinks, dumplings. They were placed along the Avenue of Flavours uniting the members of the cluster "Podkarpackie Flavours". There were also artists and handicrafts. Exhibitors came not only from Podkarpackie, but also from other regions of the country and abroad. In total, 120 exhibitors presented their products from all over Europe, including Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Germany.

The third edition of the Forum was also a summary of the project "Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Bridge", in which is activated the cooperation of local governments, businesses and NGOs with alpine partners in the ranges that the most interested us in the Carpathians: tourism, environmental protection, support to SMEs or organization of the markets of local, traditional and regional products.

During the Forum were held panel discussions, lectures and artistic performances, tasting regional specialties from Poland and abroad. The visitors had the opportunity to purchase presented, extraordinary products. There were also presentations and business meetings where interested could participate. For the second time have been awarded statuettes "Carpathian Falcons" - the award for contribution to the development of cooperation in the framework of the Carpathian Euroregion, which were presented during the Opening Gala of third edition of the Forum.

As a part of the conference held five discussion panels, with the participation of experts from all over Europe:

Panel I: "Carpathians - a great project. Political and economic conditions of development of the area "


Jens Gabbe - Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Association of European Border Regions

Marek Kuchciński - Vice-Marshal of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland 

Dawid Lasek - Vice President of the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland

Stefan L. Eckert - President Polenkompetenz - SaarLorLux-Pol

Roland Python - Director of the Swiss Contribution Office

Tadeusz Pióro - Member of the Board of the Podkarpackie Region

Zbigniew Niewiadomski - project coordinator Carpathians Links Centre UNEP / GRID-Warsaw


In the panel discussion, which was moderated by Mr. Grzegorz Boratyn, highlighted how in recent years has been changed the perception of the Carpathian Mountains. The area from year to year is becoming more competitive in relation to the well-known mountain regions. Promotion of the Carpathians in the international arena is a difficult task due to the large distance from major industrial centers. Many foreigners know Warsaw or Krakow, Rzeszow but we must continually work to catch up with those city and become a recognizable place on the map of Europe and in the world. The discussion also highlights the huge role that the area plays in the development of education, living in harmony with nature and caring for the environment, as well as the appreciation of raw materials and the potential that lies in the Carpathian region.

Panel II: "Carpathian Brand" Carpathia "- the economic quality mark of the Carpathian Euroregion"


Sten-Rune Lundin - Senior adviser and deputy head of departement Business and Assosiations.  County adminstrative board, Dalarna, Sweden

Piotr Lutek - President of Synergia sp. O.o

Ralf Meyer - Coordinator of the project (project 'The Locator' - Euregio Meuse-Rhine)

Paolo Petiziol - President of the Association of Mitteleuropa Cultural Association

Manu Broccard - Professor at the Institute of Tourism Hes-SO Valais, Switzerland

Krzysztof Miśkiewicz - PhD, Department of General Geology and Geotourism, AGH in Krakow

Maria Napiórkowska – Director of Department of Tourism, Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Polish

During the discussion on Carpathian Brand "Carpathia", which was lead by Mr. Dawid Lasek, raised a number of interesting issues, from technical issues concerning the process of building the brand and its components, and on characterization of the product, which is the "Carpathia". Advantages of the region, which are a vibrant culture, customs, natural hospitality, local cuisine, unspoilt nature, dialect, dress is undeniably a sufficient basis to build Carpathian brand, which will be recognized all over the world. It was also emphasized the significant role played in building the brand in the international arena by state institutions, capable of its approval or formal support, might significantly affect the dissemination and promotion of the product.

Panel III: "Swiss Innovation. Mission impossible for the central-european model of innovation support in the economy (in the framework of the project "Transnational partnership for innovation in tourism")


Katarzyna Klimek - PhD of the Institute of Tourism HES-SO Valais, Switzerland

Manu Broccard - Professor at the Institute of Tourism Hes-SO Valais, Switzerland

Vincent Escriba - Director Indianland Museum Gossau, Switzerland

Christina Lindfors - Executive Director Leader Dalälvarna, Sweden

Antoni Kamiński - President Educare et Servire

François Parvex - SEREC Sàrl

Sebastian Bellwald - Regiosuisse - Network Unit Regional Development

Heino Meessen - PhD of the University of Bern, Switzerland

The third panel was a great opportunity to discuss the differences between Switzerland and Poland in terms of innovation in tourism. Presented by Swiss experts, examples and solutions were valuable clue which will be used in the Polish realities. Switzerland owes its success to the knowledge, acquired through years of experience. Swiss entrepreneurs of the tourism industry know very well how important it is to cultivate the identity, investing in small local businesses, products and their promotion. Also a huge role plays sensory knowledge, tastes, smells or sights as factors characterizing the place/product, which is the best way to keep in memory as long as possible what client-tourist experienced. A very important factor is also the direct contact of the host / owner with the client, as a result of which raises the sympathy and willingness to re-arrival is not only the place but also person. Panelists agreed that in times dominated by modern technology should offer tourists an alternative solution where they can take a break from the hustle and bustle of civilization, to meet face to face in real time and place.

Panel IV: "Staff for the Carpathians - How to use the Swiss model of dual vocational training"


Thomas Peter Binder - Mayor Gossau, Switzerland

Katarzyna Klimek - PhD of the Institute of Tourism HES-SO Valais, Switzerland

Natalya Yakusheva - PhD Södertörn University, Sweden

Adam Panek – Director of PUP Rzeszow

This panel clearly showed defects in Polish education system. Mass production of masters, middle schools, and the lack of practical classes are just some of the errors identified by the experts. Marginalization of vocational training, or the perception of it as worse is a factor that radically distinguishes the Polish system from the Swiss. Vocational education in Switzerland enjoys great popularity and prestige, and the practical activities are an integral part of the learning process. The reasons for this state of affairs is seen, among others, in communism, which significantly impacted not only on the economy but also on the perception of the education.

Panel V: "Transnational partnership for development - Alpine-Carpathian partnership fair"


Zinoviy S. Broyde - Director of the Centre "EcoResource" Ukraine

Catherine Strassnigg-Balinska - Entrepreneur, Genossenschaft Hotel Linde

Thomas Peter Binder - Mayor Gossau, Switzerland

Elżbieta Tomczyk-Miczka - Project Manager, Malopolska Tourist Organization

Markus Eggenberger - Programme Manager for Poland, Swiss Agency for Development and Coopreation

Ewa Wnukowska - Director of the Department of European Programmes, Implementing Authority for European Programmes

Johan Ketelers - Secretary General, International Catholic Migration Commission


Panel was moderated by Mr. Dawid Lasek with the participation of many distinguished experts, was an opportunity to show a multitude of benefits from the Polish-Swiss cooperation. An important factor in determining the success of a given project are affiliate rules of cooperation. Cooperation on equal terms, uninhibited approach to the implementation of the objectives is the basis of satisfactory cooperation. Experts also emphasized on bridging between urban centers and rural areas, which is to be performed, through the activities of local communities. These people should take the initiative, as an expert in their environment and knowing its weaknesses, but also strengths which is worth to be promoted.

Accompanying event of Alpine-Carpathian Cooperation Forum was CULINARY SHOW from French chef known for his television programs, Pascal Brodnicki, who was the star of the second day. During the show gathered guests had the opportunity to taste special dishes prepared by Pascal which was ALPINE POTATO PANCACES WITH CHEESE with CABBAGE LETTUCE, FENNEL, APPLES AND EDIBLE FLOWERS. For dish were used selected Alpine-Carpathian products. There were also tasting of delicious Carpathian wines and Swiss wines straight from Lausanne, the capital of the canton of Vaud. After the show Pascal willingly signed autographs and posed for souvenir photos.




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